Tournament Information

The Railhead Rumble invites you to participate in the 4th year of the Warhammer 40k tournament experience. Join us as we roll the dice and shake the ground here in North Texas.

This year we will be moving to a new location offering a large space for gamers, venues and of course beer. We look forward to seeing you!

Tournament information
Date: March 1st and 2nd 2014
Entry Fee: $65

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Howdy Howdy 40k fans

The Railhead Rumble 2013 will take place at the Watauga Community Center.
7901 Indain Springs Rd.
Watauga, TX 76148

This Link will show you  the location on the map with nearby Hotels/Motels.

We will have two events happening at the the same time.

Cost per event:
1850 point GT Event: $60
3500 point Narrative Apocalypse Style Event: $20

Both event's prices include lunch for Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Btw guys, I have personally checked out the site and there's ample parking and plenty of good eats nearby (some of which serve beer to get you through those next games!) Also, there's a good amount of nearby hotels and driving will be easy since its mostly a light traffic residential area.

  2. I just registered and decided to send a check. What address do I send it to?

  3. I'll enjoy. The 20 min drive over the 1hr drive any day.

  4. No. It is a alcohol-free facility. That's why we are providing lunches for you guys. Its kinda scary, at any venue we looked at that allowed alcohol, how much the price sky-rocketed.

  5. Thinking about going, but I hope I can still register.

    Are there still spots available for the GT? Are y'all allowing Forge World units?

    1. There are still spots available. No Forge world files are allowed but you may use the models to proxy a unit.

  6. Why no Forge World? This is 6th Edition.

  7. Does your whole army have to be painted and are you allowing allies??

  8. armies do not have to be fully painted to play, but you will recieve a "zero" for paint score

  9. Hey, I registered but never received an invoice? Should I just bring a check? Someone let me know what's going on somehow by posting some contact information before I drive to DFW.

  10. please send me your name to

  11. Does your army list have to be army builder or can it be written down??

  12. Army builder or typed. Nothing hand written

  13. Hey, are ya'll reporting ranking to Rankings HQ?